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Thinking about hiring a mobile cool room, but don’t know all the ways in which it can be used?

In this article we’ll discuss the various ways you can use a mobile cool room and how the expert team at Ezy Breezy Rentals can assist with all your hire needs.

When You Can Use a Mobile Cool Room

There are various ways in which you can use a mobile cool room in Australia. In this section, we’ll go through some of the most common, as well as the unusual applications of such equipment.

Interim Replacement Fridge

Is your fridge playing up and you’re looking for an alternative while you organise a replacement? A mobile cold room could be the answer.

You can store all your cold and perishable goods in the cold room for a period of a couple of hours to a few weeks (or even a month or two) without rushing out to buy a replacement fridge you’re not completely happy with.

Power Outages

Have you just lost power or live in an area where power is intermittent? Mobile cool rooms are a great alternative power source that can be generator run.

Catering or Large Events

Whether you’re catering a large event, organising a festival or simply hosting a big party, don’t underestimate the convenience of a mobile cold room to store your drinks and food without having to rely on other facilities. You could use them at:

– funerals
– weddings
– anniversary parties
– birthday celebrations or milestone events


Supplying a wedding or funeral with flowers but the client doesn’t have anywhere to store them until the day? No problem. A mobile cool room will keep your flowers fresh and pristine. 

Biological Matter or Pharmacy Storage

This one is a little left of the middle but still worth mentioning as an alternate application for mobile cool rooms. If you’re in the medical industry and need to store biological matter or additional pharmacy storage, a mobile cold room is a good solution that you can rely on time and again.

Excess Storage

Maybe you have a big family who eat a lot, or maybe you just need more room to store cold items. A mobile cold room can come in handy.

Why Call Ezy Breezy Rentals

At Ezy Breezy Rentals, we’re the experts in mobile cool room and freezer rental solutions for you. Our hire equipment, customer care and service is second to none. And we even provide same day delivery to cater to your last minute hire needs.

Ready to hire a mobile cold room? Contact our experienced team at Ezy Breezy Rentals today to discuss your options.